Our Method


Paradise Hill Farm Market Fresh tomatoes and basil are grown by Tony and Karen Legault and family in Nanton, Alberta. The nutrients are fed to the plants along with the water they receive multiple times daily depending on the amount of sunlight the plants receive. The watering and internal greenhouse environment is computer controlled to provide optimal growing conditions for our greenhouse tomatoes and basil.

At Paradise Hill Farm we strive to have happy local staff, healthy plants that grow great tasting produce by using growing and packing methods with the least environmental impact to maintain our farms sustainability.


Our Market Fresh tomatoes and basil have always been grown using biological controls in the greenhouse during the crop cycle. An example of this would be using things like natural predator insects to eliminate any harmful insects. We also participate in the Canadian Horticultural Council compliant On Farm Food Safety Program that is independently audited yearly and also each term by Canada GAP Food Safety auditors.

Sun Ripened

Our tomatoes are picked only when they are fully ripened by natural sunlight which enhances their flavour. The tomatoes are graded for the best quality and hand packed and delivered the very next day to your local Calgary Co-op produce department.

They are never shipped to a warehouse before arriving at your local Co-op. This ensures they are fresh and tasting just like you can get at a farmer's market.