Basil Care Instructions

How to care for your fresh basil plant or cut basil package

  1. Do not refrigerate.
  2. To maintain freshness, remove plant from package and cut elastic then remove bag from the roots.
  3. Place in a tall water glass.
  4. Add non-treated water to the glass until it reaches the top of the grow cube in the net pot which holds the roots.
  5. Place in a lighted area in the kitchen and enjoy fresh basil as needed by picking the leaves from the stem.
  6. Remember - basil does not like cooler temperatures. So do not place it in a window sill or drafty area.

Recycling Our Basil Bags

Our basil package is recyclable as a PP or #5 depending where you are located. The root bag is required under the Canada Gap food safety regulations for packaging leafy greens (Basil).  The root bag is PP also so again recyclable. The rockwool plug used to capture the roots and maintain shelf life and is best broken up a bit before going in the compost. After the roots compost the remainder of the block is then a great soil amender as it is just processed rock. As a note rockwool is recycled in Europe to make bricks for buildings after it’s used to grow many types of vegetables but this option is not yet available in Canada. 

Our goal has always been to supply local product with as low environmental impact as possible while balancing this with a competitive cost to maintain a positive retail experience.