The Difference


Do you remember where the best tasting tomato you ever ate came from? More than likely it was just picked off the plant from a garden under some beautiful blue sky and maybe that garden was at Grandma's. At Paradise Hill Farm we try to duplicate that scenario as close as we can. We pick our tomatoes when they have been naturally ripened on the plant under the clear southern Alberta skies. Then we get them to your local Calgary Co-op produce department directly the very next day. As for Grandma, well she and Grandpa have helped grow the business and have taken all the photos along the way.


Freshness comes from the distance you are away from the grown food source – not the ability to preserve, store and transport the food from growing area to the packing facility to market. The Slow Food group recommends that you eat food grown within 80 kilometers from home. Remember the 15 meters it was from the kitchen table to Grandma's garden? Paradise Hill Farm is located 70 kilometers south of Calgary in Nanton. Niney percent of our tomatoes are sold in Calgary – the rest from our greenhouse on-farm store in Nanton. Paradise Hill Farm Market Fresh tomatoes are picked when they are fully ripened and delivered the very next day to your local Calgary Co-op store. Now that’s Fresh!


Paradise Hill Farm starts the quality process from the time the plants arrive in early February and continues it through until the plants are removed in December. We keep our facility very clean and handle both the plants and tomatoes with the utmost of care (like they were precious gold coins). Paradise Hill Farm Market Fresh tomatoes have been grown without purchasing, borrowing, product testing or trialing of insectides, herbicides or biocides at the greenhouse during the crop cycle. We always use natural predator insects to eliminate any possible harmful pests rather than applying pesticides.

We have our tomatoes tested for residues of 200+ active ingredients found in numerous pesticides either natural or synthetic. These tests are done randomly multiple times throughout the annual crop cycle. We accomplish this through our Canadian Horticultural Council compliant On Farm Food Safety Program that is independently audited several times a year at random by Hunt Food Services. Through this process we are also audited for food safety practices. This same process also ensures our customers of the cleanliness and safety of our picking, packing, handling, and delivering systems. Finally, we personally deliver in insulated temperature controlled delivery trucks that get Paradise Hill Farm Market Fresh tomatoes to the Calgary Co-op produce departments like they were delivered on a pillow.