Lamb, tomatoes, and basil may seem like an unlikely combination, but we have managed to find a few extra hours in the day to care for over 200 sheep and make this interesting trio a possibility. These sheep spend their day lounging in the sun and grazing on over 155 acres of green fields during the summer, and during the winter they enjoy local forages and grains. In addition, our children are actively involved in a local 4H sheep club and they each dedicate many hours to raising and caring for their own flock of lambs.

We are a proud member of the Alberta Lamb Producers and have a passion for supplying local lamb to consumers throughout Alberta. We raise purebred Hampshire and Dorset sheep and all of our lamb is produced without the use of any added hormones or antibiotics. If you would like to inquire about our lamb or breeding stock for sale, please contact us for further details.