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Paradise Hill Farm tomatoes are an exceptional example of how a tomato is supposed to look and taste. They really do taste just like the ones from Grandma's garden or your local farmers market. That's because we put a lot of care into growing and picking our tomatoes, with an emphasis on taste, freshness, and quality.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our farm store is closed. Pre-ordered pickups from the trailer in the yard can be arranged by phoning and placing an order.

280011 Township Road 162
Nanton, Alberta
T0L 1R0


Learn what makes our tomatoes so different and why they have a taste unmatched by anything other than tomatoes from your grandparent's garden.

Our fresh basil will add a unique spin to many of your kitchen creations, and with its roots still attached it will maintain maximum freshness all the way to your plate!

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